Getting ready for your International move.

We’ve done thousands of international moves and are regularly vetted by BAR to ensure we meet their rigorous standards. Here are 13 important things you need to know when preparing to move overseas (in no particular order):


  1. It’s best to allow plenty of time to book your removal company – we usually require at least two weeks’ notice for a UK move (we prefer four to six weeks, if possible), and more time when you’re moving overseas (especially during the summer when it’s usually extra busy)
  2. When you’re moving abroad, you need to allow extra time to talk to our international removal experts. For example, we can advise if you have any possessions that you’ll have to leave behind because they are not allowed in your destination country.
  3. Let us know when you need your things to arrive, so we can advise whether it’s best to transport them by road, sea or air (or perhaps a combination).
  4. Be aware that some countries present particular difficulties and delays. With our expertise of international removals, we can advise if this applies to your move and what we can do to help.
  5. When goods are to be transported in a shipping container, it’s safer and more cost-effective when they are export-packed by professionals, to make best use of the space.
  6. If you have enough possessions to fill a whole shipping container, it will probably be packed at your home or business. If not, your things will be taken to the warehouse and packed there as a part-load. In this case, you only pay for the space you use.
  7. Note that you’ll have to pay shipping costs in advance – this is normal in the overseas removals industry. When you choose Humphreys Plus, your possessions and payment are protected by the BAR Overseas Group Advanced Payment Guarantee.
  8. Sending goods by air is quicker but more expensive. We suggest you choose air transport only for items that you can’t be without for long, such as work equipment and baby clothes. We can make all the arrangements for you.
  9. We’ll appoint a trusted Destination Partner to get your goods safely through customs and delivered to your new address. They’re familiar with local culture, conditions and regulations and can help ensure your move goes smoothly.
  10. Although we’ll do everything we can to protect your possessions during the move, you should always make sure you get sufficient insurance to cover the risk of loss or damage in transit.
  11. Don’t try to move on the same day as your flight – it’s far less stressful to plan the move beforehand and stay a night or two in a hotel or with friends.
  12. Remember to keep your travel tickets and passport with you – don’t pack them by accident!
  13. If you have pets, ask us to recommend a reliable animal shipping company.
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