How to prepare for your house move or moving into storage

As BAR members, we have the experience, expertise and facilities to handle your move correctly. Here are 18 things you need to know, that will help us to help you:


  1. Empty the loft, sort out what you want to keep, and leave it in an obvious place so the packing and removal teams don’t miss it
  2. Sort out the garage or shed, and discard any rubbish. Clean tools and bundle them together for ease of carrying. Note that we can’t move or store flammable substances such as paint, creosote, paraffin or gas bottles, as they invalidate the insurance. Any other containers should be sealed with tape to prevent spillage
  3. Disconnect your fridge and freezer 48 hours beforehand and wash them out with a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda and hot water (not detergent)
  4. Disconnect your washing machine and secure the drum using brackets from local authorised agents – this avoids the risk of damage in transit
  5. If domestic appliances are to be stored for longer than three months, they must be completely drained of surplus water to avoid damp, mildew and seizure of component parts
  6. If you have self-assembly furniture, you’ll need to get the original person to dismantle and reassemble it. (It will cost extra for us to do it and it’s not covered by our insurance)
  7. Take down light fittings from the ceiling, curtains and blinds from windows, and mirrors, clocks and pictures from walls. Don’t pile mirrors and pictures on furniture; instead stack them neatly on the floor
  8. You don’t have to empty a chest of drawers that contains clothes as we can move it full
  9. You don’t need to take clothing off hangers, as we’ll pack them into special wardrobe cartons. Pack other items of clothing in suitcases
  10. Fold bedding and pack it in cartons or bags. If we’re packing for you, just leave bedding neatly folded on a bed
  11. Repack computer, hi-fi and TV equipment in its original packaging, if possible
  12. Stick labels on cables so you know which is which (you may think you’ll remember, but chances are, you won’t)
  13. If we’re doing the packing, you don’t have to take china, glass, ornaments and books out of cupboards or off shelves (but it is your responsibility to ensure that all cupboards have been emptied)
  14. Secure food packets, jar-lids and bottle-tops with tape (note that food items cannot be put into storage)
  15. Let the neighbours know the date our removal vehicle will be there, so we can get easy access to your door


On the day

  1. Keep the passageways and stairways clear for our removal teams
  2. Pack the kettle and tea-making things last so they can be used at both the old home and the new one
  3. When you get into your new home, make the beds first (you’ll be glad you did when you’re tired after all that unpacking!)


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