Don’t forget the signs for the new building!

Moving into new premises is the ideal time for new signage, but where do we  put the sign?
There is no point in putting the sign above the door if it can’t be seen. Think about who can see it and from what distance. Can it be seen from the road? Can it be read from there? The best signage in the world will only work if it can be seen by your clients or prospective client. Take a walk along your road or around the business park your business is on and see for yourself which part of your building can be seen by the most people. It may be that it is not a part of the building at all you may require a standalone sign in the corner of your plot to get the best return on your investment and that is what it is an investment in your company, one that may bring in that next big customer

But don’t forget that some of your customers may have missed the fact that you are moving and don’t find this out until they turn up at your old premises and find you gone. The worst thing they can think is you have gone out of business.

What can you do?

You could ask your old landlord if you can have a Temporary sign on the outside the old address or if that is not possible as one of the neighbouring properties if they will let you. This may cost you a small amount but if you weigh this up against the loss of business from a customer who goes elsewhere, it may not be so bad.

index are strategists, graphics experts and problem solvers and will work with you to find the right mix of visual solutions. Contact via their website to learn more about what they offer, or request a quote, send a graphics file or learn about online proofing.

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