Moving Home

Will you help with the packing or do we have to do it ourselves?

Whichever you prefer. To avoid damage, we recommend you use our professional packing teams, but if you’d rather do it yourself, we can supply all the packing materials you’ll need.

Are you insured?                                     


How long will the move take/how much will it cost?

That depends on what there is to move. But the estimator who surveys your home will be able to let you know what to expect. Estimates are free and without obligation, so contact us to arrange one.

How much notice do you need to arrange a removal?

The more time you allow us the better, but we usually ask for a minimum of two weeks for UK moves, but call us if you need a move quicker than that we may be able to help.

What about my heirlooms, valuables and fragile items?

We’ve got years of expertise packing and handling delicate items from fine bone china, to houseplants, to grand pianos.

Can you help move my domestic appliances?

If required, we can arrange for qualified electricians and plumbers to disconnect your white goods.

Can you put our belongings into storage?

Yes we can. We have storage facilities throughout the UK for short- or long-term storage.

Who should have the oven cleaned me or the person moving out?

We recommend that you should leave a property how you expect to find on.Also it may be in the terms of your contract if you are leaving a rented property. Local Oven Cleaner

Should I really change my locks on my new house?  

How could you know who the past owner gave a key to? we recommend changing the locks as soon as you move in. For free friendly advise contact Locksmiths 01923 220541

Do I have to transfer my TV Licence to my new House and if so how do I do that? 

You can find out more and links to the relevant sites on by visiting our blog              How do I transfer my TV licence.

Contact Details

How do I get in touch for an estimate?

You can call us on 01923 226206, or email us on info@humphreys-moving.com

Moving Overseas

Where in the world can you move us to?

Anywhere you want! We have partners in Europe and the rest of the world to help make the process smooth.

How much notice do you need?

That depends on your destination. On average, moves to the USA, Canada and Mexico take five to six weeks, while moves to Australia or New Zealand take eight to twelve weeks.

Will you help me with the documentation?

Yes. We’ll handle whatever customs forms and documentation are required by the country/countries involved. .

Are you insured for international removals?

Yes we are. Both your possessions and payment are protected by the BAR Overseas Group Advanced Payment Guarantee.

What about my pets?

Ask us to recommend a reliable animal shipping company.

Moving Business

How do I know our move will run smoothly?

We’re one of only a handful of British Association of Remover qualified Project Managers. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service.

How long will we have to put our business on hold when we move?

We offer expert technical relocation services – so you can start work again the next day!

How can we create more space?

We can provide off-site secure document storage as well as confidential shredding. We can also scan bulky documents so they can be stored electronically – ask us about our Electronic Data Management service.

Will it cost an arm and a leg?

Our prices are highly competitive, which means we’ll help your budget go further.

We’re actually moving out of the Watford/London area. Can you help us with that too?

Of course. We also offer multi-location, long-distance and international office removals.


How long can I store my things with you?

As long as you need to. We offer short- and long-term solutions.

What am I paying for?

You just pay for the storage space and time you need. Fees are quoted by the week, but if you remove your goods early, we won’t round it up – you only pay for the days stored. Insurance cover up to £50,000 is included in the fee. Self Store isn’t as cheap as you think!

What about the packing and moving?

You can either pack your belongings yourself or ask us to do the packing for you. Either way, we will collect the goods and store them for as long as you need.

Is there anything I can’t store?

Please note that we can’t store foodstuffs, flammable items  or jewellery.

Other Services

Do you have a cleaning service?

We can recommend a local firm whom we use for people without time or inclination to clean either the old property before handing it over or the new one making the start to your new home fresh and clean. Cleaning company 01923 805 615

Should I really change my locks on my new house?

How could you know who the past owner gave a key to? We recommend changing the locks as soon as you move in. For free friendly advise contact Local Locksmith 01923 220541

Contact Details

How do I get in touch?

You can call us on 01923 226206, or email us on info@humphreys-moving.com

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