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Over the years, a number of international moving companies have failed financially.  The result had been that shipments for which the client has prepaid are “stuck” either still in the UK, on ship or with agents abroad with no one willing to handle the shipments without the certainty that they will be paid.  Customers have therefore been called upon to pay again to get their shipment completed.

Recognising that this was an unacceptable position for its clients, in 1981 the specialist overseas movers who form the British Association of Removers Overseas Group established International Movers Mutual Insurance Company (IMMI) in Guernsey to provide an Advanced Payment Guarantee (APG) protecting clients of its members against the risk of financial failure.  Most, but not all, BAR Overseas Group Members now provide cover to BAR’s requirements through IMMI.

So today, if a BAR member who has obtained an Advanced Payment Guarantee from IMMI fails financially, the Advanced Payment Guarantee will either (at the sole discretion of the APG provider):-

A) Complete the removal contract subject to a limit on cost of 125% of the advanced payment.


B) Refund the proportion of the advanced payment which relates to services yet to be provided.

In addition, where the failed member has accepted liability for loss or damage in transit, the APG provider will


A) Endeavour to arrange continuing cover at no cost to the Client.


B) Refund any prepayment made by the Client for such cover.

It should be noted that the Advanced Payment Guarantee does not cover:-

A) Contracts where the advanced payment has been made by credit card.  Clients will have recourse against the credit card company.

B) Advance payments not made by the client personally, such as payments by a company or an employer on behalf of the client.

C) Commercial goods, inheritances, cars where not part of a shipment of household goods and effects and similar non-domestic items. Usually, however, the APG provider will continue to manage the shipment to completion, subject to agreement to reimburse the costs incurred by them. Claims handling in such circumstances will be carried out by appointed representatives of the BAR Overseas Group who all have extensive experience in the overseas moving industry.

When considering other quotations and before committing to any prepayment, it is worth remembering that BAR Overseas Group members renew their APG annually.  Each one is strictly financially vetted and you can ask to see their current Membership Certificate so there is no safer way to carry out your removal overseas.

Using a BAR Overseas Group member gives you valuable peace of mind.

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